Laeticia Hallyday: Johnny’s exes still at war?


Laeticia Hallyday is often talked about. Besides, it could be that she is at war with Sylvie Vartan. What to shake the Web.

Laeticia Hallyday often waves the web. Today, it looks like she’s still at war with Sylvie Vartan.

For several years, Laeticia Hallyday has been in the spotlight. Thus, fans of the pretty blonde are looking for the slightest information. So she can’t hide anything.

In short, the pretty mum has a habit of being the center of attention. Moreover, she does not hesitate to share many moments of her life. Between trips and declarations of love, the curiosity of the fans is therefore served.

Yet this exhibition sparked a big argument with his daughter Jade. Indeed the young girl reproaches her mother for showing too much. Ouch!

It must be said that the eldest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday has always been watched by Internet users. From a young age she has known a great reputation. Not easy to live with then.

But do not panic. This argument seems to have settled down. Something to reassure fans of the Hallyday family. Phew!

The clashes do not seem to be over, however. And for good reason, Laeticia Hallyday would still be at war against Sylvie Vartan.

Laeticia Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan: Johnny’s exes still at war?


Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, new records have been released. And for good reason, Laeticia Hallyday has prepared a posthumous “Johnny” compilation.

Fans of the singer were therefore delighted. Even the least adept have given in to temptation. And yet Sylvie Vartan did not want to listen to them.

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Now 76, the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday has shared 15 years of her life with the famous singer. So she thinks she knows him very well. So, she doesn’t seem to agree with these new tracks.

She then explains: “For me, they are the symbol of her illness, of her distress. It’s not him in his energy, his brilliance, his magnificence. That’s why I wanted to sing it in its sun. I don’t want it to be damaged. ”

This statement therefore marks a great disagreement with Laeticia Hallyday. Indeed, Jade and Joy’s mother is the artistic director of this project. But that’s not all. With her two daughters she is also the beneficiary of the sales.

Thus, there would be great tensions between the two women. This therefore comes in addition to the war of succession between Laura Smet and David Hallyday and Laeticia Hallyday.

In fact, Sylvie Vartan had released an album of Johnny covers. She then declared: “I wanted to pay homage to her in her beauty, her genesis, in her ardor. The way I knew and loved him. ”

It would seem then that all this had not pleased Laeticia Hallyday. But the war could perhaps calm down between the two women. To be continued.


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