Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert’s sister tells about her love!


Laeticia Hallyday looks happier than ever! In a relationship with Jalil Lespert, she lives a new love … And her valid sister-in-law!

2020 will therefore remain as the year of change for Laeticia Hallyday! In a relationship with Pascal Balland until October, Johnny’s widow has found her other half: director Jalil Lespert!

It all starts with a film project: that of a biopic on Johnny Hallyday. The director of the film therefore calls the singer’s widow… And a nice story begins. After a difficult start to the year, this is the turning point!

Laeticia Hallyday has indeed lived the two confinements far from Pascal Balland. But after a little trip to Italy and some wonderful moments, she has to face the facts: the director has upset her.

Since then, everything has gone very quickly between the two. The couple quickly becomes official. Even on the networks. Jalil Lespert even introduced his new partner to his mother … Who would have said “I look like I’ve known her forever”.

Questioned by Paris Match, the sister of Jalil Lespert seems satisfied. It thus validates the relationship born between Laeticia Hallyday and her brother. “They reassure each other. She is gentle, he is protective. ”


A beautiful relationship, therefore, that the two will try to make stronger in 2021. But both families seemed to welcome this new union. “They make me feel like I’m back 18,” the sister said.

They also gave the image of a complementing couple. Because Jalil Lespert plays the stepfather for Jade and Joy. And Laeticia Hallyday also plays the stepmother for the three children of her new man.

Everything seems to be rolling between the two, which ends very well in 2020 … So in 2021 we will see how the two artists go hand in hand, and everyone seems happy for them.

“Laeticia is kind, warm. Incredibly simple, she puts everyone at ease “, confides her new sister-in-law … 2021 could therefore become the year of a new start for Laeticia Hallyday!


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