Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert looks so surprised!


Laeticia Hallyday’s lover, Jalil Lespert, does not hesitate to use his social networks for very serious subjects.

Very active on social networks, Laeticia Hallyday’s darling, Jalil Lespert, has no secrets from his subscribers.

Her latest post is an adorable statement to Laeticia Hallyday. So he posted a picture of the two of them, more in love than ever, in the Italian capital, in other words Rome.

“This selfie of love in the light of Rome ❤️ love u so much” he wrote in the caption. Or “I love you so much” in French. This is so cute !

In the comments, fans of Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday rejoiced at their happiness. “You are beautiful”, “Love on you” or even “Quite simply… magnificent” can we read for example.

It must be said that since they formalized their relationship, the two lovers do not hesitate to show themselves to everyone. During the holiday season, they were reunited with Jade and Joy. The whole family was also present, to the delight of the young woman. “Love is all we need,” she wrote on occasion.

But beyond showing his happiness, Jalil Lespert does not hesitate to use his social networks for something else entirely. The proof today!


The lover of Laeticia Hallyday has just published a video in which we see a security guard backing up in front of a delirious crowd. It seems to be happening in the USA. Wow!

In caption, the young man writes: “When fascism attacks democracy”, which means “When fascism attacks democracy” in French.

Before adding: “Like many people, I remain stunned by these images, I love this country, this great democracy and seeing it so badly manhandled hurts me deeply but also reminds me that our democracies are fragile. Let’s not forget how precious they are! ”. This has the merit of being clear!

Jalil Lespert fans seem to share his opinion. Thus, this post was viewed by over 4000 people in just a few hours. Just that ! It also generated a lot of comments.

” Help !!!!! The world is going nuts 😱😱😱 “,” Very shocking and inexplicable 😢 “,” It hurts … “,” This country is not a great democracy, when you see the difference in treatment between these white supremacist demonstrators and the demonstrations Black Lives Matter !! This is not a democracy !! “, ” In what world are we living???? There is no more respect more value we have rights but also duties “, are as many messages that we can read under this post.

To view the images, do not hesitate to go to the Insta account of the darling of Laeticia Hallyday.


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