Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert is away alone in Paris!


Laeticia Hallyday is now far from her darling Jalil Lespert! The latter remained alone in Paris! He has fun taking pictures!

Jalil Lespert seems sad when Laeticia Hallyday is far from him! So he takes pictures that testify to his sadness!

Laeticia Hallyday has decided to return to Los Angeles, with her daughters. Now that she has American nationality, she is spending time in the United States.

She therefore packed up this Wednesday, January 13. Only here, she left without her darling Jalil Lespert. The latter could not be present because his request for authorization was refused by the authorities!

Sanitary rules are now very strict. The two lovebirds must therefore live without the other. Yet they had plenty of plans together.

Jalil Lespert has decided to move in with Laeticia Hallyday in Pasific Palisades, in Johnny Hallyday’s villa. The actor will therefore have to wait until March 31 for his application to enter the United States to be reconsidered.

In the meantime, he takes pictures of Paris. His last shared on his Instagram account is sad and gloomy. She seems to express how he feels. We see a lonely person in the distance and a sad sky!


An Internet user commented: “You miss one being and everything is depopulated”. This phrase means a lot! Other fans really like this cliché: “Wow! “,” This dear Gustave born in Dijon, if he saw her still standing 🙏 ”

For her part, Laeticia Hallyday is trying to rekindle her links with her daughter Jade. They haven’t gotten along since Jalil came into her life. Indeed, Jade was very close to Pascal Balland. She therefore does not like this situation.

Moreover, our colleagues here in Paris have therefore revealed: “Since the arrival of Jalil Lespert in her life, Jade would have a very poor experience with her mother’s new idyll. And would be in the midst of a teenage crisis … “


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