Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert humiliating Trump!


Jalil Lespert tackles Donald Trump! Laeticia Hallyday’s new darling balances a meme on Insta to ridicule the future ex-president …

Does Donald Trump take himself for God? Jalil Lespert implies it in any case very strongly on Insta… The darling of Laeticia Hallyday balances in any case a montage which gives his opinion on the question!

Because the election ends very badly in the USA. While Joe Biden won the presidential election and his camp won the senate, the president’s fans are not letting go… They thus invaded the Capitol yesterday!

Big riots have thus marred the start of the year … It must also be said that Trump is not giving up his Oval Office. While living in Los Angeles, Laeticia Hallyday has rarely given her opinion.

But his new darling, Jalil Lespert, shows what he thinks. So he never hid his desire to see the president quit his post … Especially since he even tried to rig the election!

In the midst of all this, his supporters thus invaded the Capitol … Big riots, fights and even deaths: this terrible situation gives ideas to the new lover of Laeticia Hallyday.


Jalil Lespert thus balances a nice montage of the President of the USA. He represents him immense, like a god seated on the Capitol … He therefore directs everything from his heights.

But below, the fighting continues. On the one hand, his fans, who are thus represented without a mask. On the other, we therefore find the police. The darling of Laeticia Hallyday therefore points to a problem.

We thus feel a real criticism of Donald Trump: he does not care about the people, pulls the strings and waits for his country to fight for him. A big criticism of the president’s power, so …

He does not think about the consequences and leaves his country on fire and blood… It is therefore easy to understand what Jalil Lespert, and therefore surely Laeticia Hallyday, thinks of the situation!


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