Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert dumped his ex just for her!


Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert then seem to be living the perfect love. Moreover the handsome brown would have left his ex for the pretty star.

Laeticia Hallyday seems really in heaven. And for good reason, she lives a great story with Jalil Lespert. Besides, her boyfriend would then have given up everything for the pretty blonde. Indeed, the actor dumped his ex for her.

On the Internet, Internet users are very interested in the life of Laeticia Hallyday. Thus, they are in search of the slightest scoop. And the least that can be said is that nothing can escape them. Eh yes !

In fact, Jalil Lespert’s sweetheart shares a lot of her life. Indeed, between holidays, declarations of love and mom’s daily life, she does not hesitate to show her intimacy.

Her daughter Jade got into an argument with her. And for good reason, she blames her mother for this exhibition. It is true that the young teenager has been in the spotlight from an early age. Not easy then.

But do not panic. The two girls then reconciled. Thus, the loves of Laeticia Hallyday are at the heart of the questions on the Web.

Indeed, after the death of her husband, the pretty mother had become a heart to take.

Today, she has a beautiful love affair with Jalil Lespert. Besides, he would have left his ex for Laeticia Hallyday.


Before living her romance with Jalil Lespert, Laeticia Hallyday was then in a relationship with Pascal Balland.

But that relationship ended. Indeed, the pretty blonde had then fallen under the spell of her current darling. They met around a Johnny biopic project.

Moreover, it seems that Pascal Balland is not the only one to have suffered from this love at first sight. And for good reason, the director also had a sweetheart. Ouch!

Thus, this meeting caused many victims. But the two lovebirds then wanted to live this story.

Relatives of Laeticia Hallyday’s sweetheart then explained that he had broken up with his girlfriend in August.

In fact, the director’s mother explained at the time that this story was stronger than anything. She said: “They look like they’ve turned 18. ” Too cute !

For her part, her sister even added: “We have never seen Jalil so happy. Even if this story has hurt people, the two lovers seem more fulfilled than ever.

And this relationship seems more serious than expected. Indeed, the two daughters of Laeticia Hallyday quickly met their mother’s new darling. Besides, it seems that Jade, the eldest daughter, has a hard time living this love story.

The beautiful Laeticia Hallyday should quickly post new photos of her lover. To be continued.

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