Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert became her “indispensable”!


Since Laeticia Hallyday is crazy about Jalil Lespert, she lets him interfere in her business! Between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert, it’s a great love story! The actor has become “indispensable” to his life!

Laeticia Hallyday is crazy about Jalil Lespert and vice versa! The family introductions have already been made after a few months, and those close to the actor are enjoying his partner!

In the columns of Paris Match, Ferial, his sister declared: “We have never seen him so happy! They love each other like teenagers. ”

“Laeticia is so kind, warm, and incredibly simple, everyone is at ease (…) So they reassure each other. I was a little worried about the press ”

Farida, her mother also added: “Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday make me feel like they are back to 18.”

Jalil Lespert has even become “indispensable” in the life of Laeticia Hallyday! According to a close source, he was therefore “determined to step into his life a little more. By participating in the management of its affairs.


Imagine that last week, he even attended Laeticia Hallyday’s meeting with Pierre Pradier, a Parisian tax lawyer.

So that shows that she trusts him! And that’s not all ! The director would also be very involved in the next tribute for Johnny Hallyday.

This should take place opposite the AccorHotels Arena in Paris-Bercy on June 15. On Johnny’s birthday! All relatives of the taulier will be present.

One thing is certain, it is indeed “essential to Laeticia”. And this, in just three months of love! For some, things are going way too fast between them.

But Jade and Joy’s mother doesn’t care about the critics. She is even sure of herself! She really trusts Jalil Lespert. Our colleagues from Closer say: “she has already shared a lot with him. In so little time “


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