Laeticia Hallyday: Jade is upset that she left!


Jade Hallyday is sad to separate from her darling. Laeticia’s daughter bade farewell to Tristan after having two weeks together.

Jade Hallyday is very much in love. After spending Christmas with her family in Marnes-la-Coquette, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter took the first flight to Marrakech.

There, she found Tristan Garnier-Labadie, her darling for several months. The two lovers met in Paris a few months ago. And since then, they have been inseparable.

At the end of the year, the couple spent several weeks of happiness in Morocco. Together, the two teenagers walked around the huge city.

The couple were staying in one of the many villas that Tristan’s parents own. Every day, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter posted photos of her stay in Marrakech.

Back in Paris, Jade and Tristan thus succeeded in extending their reunion by a few days. But it looks like this Tuesday the couple broke up for good.


In an Instagram story posted by Tristan Garnier-Labadie, the young man posted a photo with the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday. And he has big ones.

He wrote: “Gonna miss u” which translates to “I will miss you”. A publication that the young woman immediately reposted on her Instagram account. So cute!

“I will miss you too,” she wrote back. Obviously sad to separate from your other half. Jade, who lives between Paris and Los Angeles, must return to California to continue her studies.

She’s only waiting for one thing. Return to France to spend time with his Tristan. The young girl, who has conflicted relations with her mother, will therefore have to arm herself with patience.

Jade Hallyday is surely counting on the next school holidays to return to France. In addition to Tristan, it is all her group of girlfriends that Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter leaves behind. Hurry up to the next vacation!


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