Laeticia Hallyday: Jade a teenager like the rest?


At 16, Jade Hallyday lives an adolescence like other young girls. However, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter is not one …

Child star, Jade Hallyday does not share the same teenage girl as her friends. However, can we consider the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday and the rocker as a teenager like any other?

No, Jade Hallyday is not a teenager like the others! At only 16 years old, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter is not lacking in the throes of adolescence.

So, Joy Hallyday’s big sister is trying to stand on her own feet. “She is at the age when her life begins to belong to her,” observes psychoanalyst Jacob Azéroual, as recounted by our colleagues at Gala. “Above all, it is a time of choice. ”

To believe it, just take a look at her Instagram account. Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday’s eldest daughter is emancipating herself and asserting herself as a young girl who feels good in her head, and in her body.

“For teens and adults alike, these networks are great tools for communicating and keeping in touch, especially during this period. This is what the expert notes.

However, its exposure on social media is not without risk. So the pretty brunette with thousands of followers should be careful not to get lost between reality and what she wants to show.

“They are also great tools for developing lies,” he explained. Before adding: “So to reflect a reality that is not necessarily one. ”


In fact, Laeticia Hallyday and Jade argued about this. And for good reason, the teenager was very angry with her mother for spending so much time on the Web.

In any case, that’s what Bernard Montiel reported in an issue of Touche not at my post. “She finds it annoying that her mother spends her days taking pictures of herself on the beach in Saint Barth,” he said.

Before continuing: “Let her spend her life communicating, because Laeticia has always exposed her life a lot. To remain the star that she may be (…). ”

Thus, Bernard Montiel had confided that they “do not speak to each other at all”. Moreover, our colleagues from Ici Paris magazine had added a layer.

“Ever since Jalil came into her life, it has been rumored that Jade would experience her mother’s new romance very badly and be in the midst of a teenage crisis,” we read.

And yet, it seems that Laeticia Hallyday and her teenager would have buried the hatchet. Not long ago, the one who considers herself Johnny Hallyday’s “temple guardian” shared an adorable photo of herself and her daughters.

So the pretty 45-year-old blonde and the two girls were all smiles on the plane. And for good reason, they were preparing to join Jalil Lespert, who had been waiting for them since the end of January. Too cute !


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