Laeticia Hallyday is very close to Jalil Lespert in Rome!


During their trip to Rome, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert took a selfie. The two lovers do not let go!

Between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert, it’s serious. The two lovebirds are very much in love in the Italian capital, Rome, on Instagram.

The two lovebirds do not let go! And that has been since Jalil Lespert contacted him last summer. The director has indeed told him about his biopic project on Johnny Hallyday.

Thus, we must believe that this totally charmed Laeticia Hallyday, who did not know him before. They can no longer live apart at all.

As proof, Joy and Jade Hallyday’s mother and her darling do not stop showing their love on the web. Between them, it’s more than serious!

In fact, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert have just unveiled their beautiful getaway in Rome, Italy. Which, we remind you, is the city of lovers.

In front of a beautiful sunset, the actor posted an adorable snapshot of himself with Laeticia Hallyday in his arms. So the beautiful 45-year-old blonde looks at him with hearts in her eyes.

This more than romantic shot was accompanied by a caption. “This selfie of love in the light of Rome. Love u so much ”he wrote.


One thing is certain, it is that “the guardian of the temple” of Taulier has never been so happy since the death of her husband.

Thus, Laeticia Hallyday intends to take advantage of this new happiness. Besides, that’s why she doesn’t hide their love.

So the pretty blonde took her to Saint-Barth, her HQ with the rocker. She even asked him to accompany her to Johnny Hallyday’s grave on December 5.

Indeed, she is organizing a vigil on the anniversary of the rocker’s death. So he participated to show her that he accepted his past.