Laeticia Hallyday immortalizes Jalil Lespert in meditation!


On her Instagram account, Jalil Lespert appeared in the middle of a meditation session. Laeticia Hallyday is the author of the photo!

Happier than ever, Jalil Lespert indulges in a yoga session by the pool. A moment suspended in an idyllic setting that Laeticia Hallyday hastened to take a picture of.

Love calms the mind. According to her last photo, shared on Instagram this Thursday, February 11, it is not Jalil Lespert who could claim the opposite.

Indeed, the actor has never been so happy. The reason for her happiness? Laeticia Hallyday, of course! The two lovers can no longer live without each other at all.

So Jade and Joy’s mom and darling still feel the need to be together. As proof, the guardian of the temple of the youth idol scrambled to be able to find him sooner than expected.

In short, Jalil Lespert was not to find her beautiful again before March 31. However, they found a solution: to meet in Saint-Barth.

So, Laeticia Hallyday would have “played its relationships”, according to our colleagues from Closer. The goal? Obtain “special permission” to board a private helicopter and join it as soon as possible.

Thus, the two lovebirds have been together since February 5. And the least we can say is that Jalil Lespert is frankly relieved to know it. At her side, he found peace.

So much so that anyone who wants to do a biopic on the life of Johnny Hallyday indulges in outdoor yoga sessions! Indeed, the actor showed off as he performed the tree pose by the pool.


One thing is certain, is that Jalil Lespert’s love is mutual. Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday seems just as crazy about him. And as proof, the pretty blonde of 45 years does not stop sharing photos and videos with her.

The day of their reunion, last February 5, the mother of Jade and Joy had even revealed their long kiss. Thus, the two lovebirds held on like they were never going to see each other again.

It must be said that with this Covid-19 pandemic, finding oneself has not been the easiest thing. Thus, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert are finally reunited against all odds. So, will the couple end up moving in together?

In any case, the latter two hope to pass this course as soon as possible. Jalil Lespert was to land on American soil at the end of March, and put her luggage at her beautiful.

Plus, he needed to start scouting for her Johnny movie. But the health crisis puts obstacles in the way. So the American dream will have to wait!


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