Laeticia Hallyday, her meeting with Jade nervous?


According to our colleagues here in Paris, the reunion between Laeticia Hallyday and Jade could prove to be quite tense in a few days

Many people have returned to work and have already digested New Year’s meals. But Jade Hallyday, she still enjoys her vacation in the sun. Rather “enjoying”, given that she would finally have returned from Morocco, a country she had been staying in for quite a while now. From now on, she will find her mother, Laeticia Hallyday, with whom relations would not be good.

But for what reason will you tell us? Would a confusion have taken place between the two before Jade left? Is the latter in the midst of a teenage crisis? Doesn’t she accept Jalil Lespert?

2 of these propositions are correct … Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter is in the midst of a teenage crisis. In any case, this is what Bernard Montiel’s comments on TPMP suggest, as Gala notes. As the columnist is very close to the family, this allows him to have information that some do not.

Well, according to him, the fact that Jade is now 16 years old would pose some concerns. Who has not wanted to take flight or get rid of their parents at this age? Almost everyone. That’s why, we can understand Joy’s sister’s urge to get away from her mother a bit.

But Laeticia Hallyday would have a hard time accepting it. If on top of that, you add an unloved stepfather, relationships can be shattered even faster.


Because yes, Jalil Lespert would not be so popular with young girls. At least at Jade. According to Ici Paris, she would not accept her mother’s new love given that she was very close to her ex-stepfather: Pascal Balland.

The media, also making it known about the relationship between Laeticia Hallyday and her daughter: “Since the arrival of Jalil in his life, he said to himself that Jade would experience the new love of her mother very badly and would be in the midst of a teenage crisis. “.

Before adding: “When the young girl left at the end of the year, tensions seemed high. The young teenager reportedly refused to let her mother accompany her. And even asked that it be Carl, the driver, to drop her off at the airport. ”

As you will have understood, Laeticia Hallyday would have a hard time managing her daughter’s teenage crisis. It remains to be seen whether his stay in Morocco allowed him to calm down or, on the contrary, to stir up his anger towards his mother even more.


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