Laeticia Hallyday: her daughter Jade is back to school!


The holidays are over! After months of basking on the pill with their family and friends, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughters must return to school. Whatever…

While all the children are back on the road to their college or high school, Jade, meanwhile, remains quietly at home.

Indeed, Joy’s older sister doesn’t have to travel miles to find her teachers. Since September 1, the teenager has been taking distance learning courses!

Thus, the student sees his teachers and his classmates through interposed screens. Yes, the covid-19 pandemic is still present.

So in order not to take any risks, his college imposes these new school conditions on everyone. And this, as revealed by Laeticia Hallyday in the story of her Instagram account.

The photo shows the young girl in front of her computer screen. She chats with her friends. Beside her, we notice a cap, which bears the inscription “capricious”.

But also a bag, a book and a pen to take notes. In any case, here is a studious student who does not take advantage of the situation!


Thus, Laeticia Hallyday does not stop at photographing her. Very proud of her serious and studious daughter, the pretty 45-year-old blonde also comments on the cliché.

In short, the darling of Pascal Balland, a well-known restaurateur in Paris, writes: “Back To School”. (“Back to school”, in French)

As a reminder, Laeticia Hallyday’s two daughters are both educated at the French school in Los Angeles.

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