Laeticia Hallyday: her daughter Jade Hallyday shows off


Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter, Jade Hallyday has just posted a new TikTok, but the girl completely missed it.

It’s no longer a secret, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter, Jade Hallyday loves being on TikTok. She posts videos very often, but her latest was completely missed. And for good reason, the little girl was showing off too much.
It has been a few years now that Laeticia Hallyday has been talking about her. Indeed, after the death of her husband Johnny Hallyday, she found love again in the arms of Pascal Balland.

Unfortunately, this relationship did not last. And the least we can say is that the breakup was quite painful. Indeed during a dinner in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Laeticia Hallyday decided to end her relationship with the restaurant owner.

While we thought that Laeticia Hallyday would unfortunately be, the reality was quite different. Indeed, in an interview with RTL Belgium, she confided in her relationship and even described it as a “band-aid”.


An astonishing rupture since a few days before Laeticia Hallyday was therefore on the set of Sept à Huit. She had confided in her relationship without taboos and everything seemed to be going well then.

“I struggled a lot at the start. It is very difficult to learn to love. You have the impression that you are cheating on your husband, you have the impression that you cannot love. ”

“You won’t be able to love again, let another man touch you. May you open your heart to another man ”.

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She went on to add, “It’s brave for a man to be in my life today because Johnny’s place is still very much present. It is not easy. We are often a three-way couple ”.

But if Laeticia Hallyday is talking about her today, it is for a completely different reason. Her daughter Jade is addicted to TikTok. She keeps posting videos. But her last post was totally missed. And for good reason, the girl is showing off too much, as you can see in the video below.


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