Laeticia Hallyday hasn’t forgotten Johnny’s adopted son!


Laeticia Hallyday does not forget the adopted son of Johnny Hallyday. Today is her birthday and she writes a very nice note.

Today is someone special’s birthday for Johnny Hallyday. This is her adopted and spiritual son. Now a singer and known as Yodelice. The young man marked France so much his emotion was great during the ceremony. Laeticia Hallyday then sends him a little message.

Maxime Nucci, whose real name is, has always been very close to the rocker. His father, his mentor especially in the music industry. So in 2017, he was in tears on the forecourt of the Madeleine. For the more private ceremony, he even followed the family to Saint-Barthélémy.

But since then, it is his absence that has shone. So much so that a lot of rumors were starting to circulate everywhere. He even wanted to be erased from the famous film retracing Johnny Hallyday’s last road trip. The reason ? Turn the page once.

In the columns of Paris Match he confided that he no longer wanted to be cited. A close source confided: “He gave a lot of himself for the posthumous record, his relationship with Johnny was really very strong and he needs to turn the page”.

But Laeticia Hallyday does not forget it! Because today is a special day for the singer: it’s his birthday. And the young woman does not miss the opportunity. In story, she publishes a very nice message for her day. A very touching word.

Laeticia Hallyday has not forgotten Johnny Hallyday’s adopted son!


On her Instagram account, she therefore posted an old photo of them as a story. Laeticia Hallyday writes: “Cry, laugh, listen and yes, heal. Thank you Yodelice for keeping me safe all these years. Thank you for all the little moments you lovingly took care of Jade, Joy and me. ”

You can feel a lot of love at the end of her message. “I am grateful to have you and for all the ways your life touches mine. Happy birthday my beloved friend. We love you. We do not know if the young man is touched but the message is very beautiful.

But today was also the birthday of one of Laetitica Hallyday’s friends: Hélène Darroze. But from what we know, Johnny Hallyday was not a big fan of this person, as Gala recalls. However, she said a nice word to him in turn. We love !

“Happy birthday my dear friend. Continue to shine so beautifully, to enlighten us with your smile, your creativity, your free and positive spirit, your wisdom, your kindness and your benevolence. My friend with a big heart, generous and luminous to the mother and friend you know so perfectly to be. ”

A friend who therefore seems very close to Laeticia Hallyday according to these words. We let you discover the end of the message. “I can’t imagine my life without you. I constantly think about your grace and kindness. We love you “.


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