Laeticia Hallyday gives anything to make peace with Jade!


Laeticia Hallyday and her daughter Jade quarreled. Things are a bit strained between mother and daughter. We must therefore be reconciled.

Apparently, Laeticia Hallyday would not be on very good terms with her daughter Jade. She is 16 years old, in her teenage years and apparently, with her mother, it’s a bit of a war. But the mom tries to take the lead and holds out a pole.

End December; Jade was separating from her mother for a trip to Morocco with her friends. At only 16 years old, the young girl is already trying to gain her independence and leaves without her parents. A hard blow for the mother hen. But that’s not all.

Because apparently, the first reason that pushed the girl to take off is the new romance of her mother. Jade would not agree at all with the couple formed by Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert. The reasons are unknown at this time.

So when Jade posts pictures from her trip to Morocco, her mother tries to take a step towards her. Under the photos of her daughter she comments on a simple red heart. But for the moment, no response from his eldest. Not even a like!


On the other hand, if Jade doesn’t respond to Laeticia Hallyday, she doesn’t respond to her boyfriend either. Nothing to be alarmed about when you think about it. But apparently the tensions are real. Before leaving for Morocco, an argument allegedly erupted according to Ici Paris.

“The young teenager reportedly refused to let her mother accompany her and asked that Carl, the driver, drop her off at the airport.” Disputes confirmed by Bernard Montiel, present on the set of TPMP.

For him, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter is in the midst of a “teenage crisis”. But this phase would have started when his mother broke up with Pascal Balland. Because the teenager was rather very close to her mother’s ex. So water must flow under the bridges.


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