Laeticia Hallyday: Does Jalil Lespert benefit?


In portrait unveiled by the Parisian, several sources affirmed that Jalil Lespert took advantage of the enormous celebrity of Laeticia Hallyday!

For several months now, Laeticia Hallyday has been living a real love story with Jalil Lespert. The two seem very close to each other and find it difficult to spend time away from each other.

However, some do not see this relationship in a positive light. Indeed, several people are convinced that Jalil Lespert is in a relationship with Laeticia Hallyday only to use his notoriety.

In a portrait published by Le Parisien, anonymous sources gave information about Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert. The media outlet reveals that “‘Refusing to be quoted, some nevertheless did not hesitate to suggest that his romance smelled of opportunism.”

But that’s not all. A source also said that the young woman “made it possible to ‘place well’ to make the film on Johnny”. The Parisian also reveals: “Jalil has the perfect profile to bring together the Laeticia and Smet clans”.

Jalil Lespert, for his part, refused to speak about the feature film. On the other hand, he made confidences about his private life. He explained the reasons he refused to speak.

Laeticia Hallyday’s darling revealed: “I’ve never been very comfortable with over-media coverage. I see it as a fight. I live all this from a distance. This attention, I did not provoke it ”.

Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert benefits from his powerful notoriety?


Laeticia Hallyday’s darling also confided: “But we shouldn’t be surprised either. It’s part of the game ”. One thing is certain, the two fell in love with each other.

Since last October, Laeticia Hallyday and her darling seem to be living on a real cloud. For the past few days, they have been enjoying their holidays in Saint Barth. They had been apart for several weeks.

On social networks, the mother of Jade and Joy had unveiled her reunion with Jalil Lespert. And the least that we can say is that she certainly surprised her fans. They appeared very close.

She had unveiled a video in which she gave Jalil Lespert a huge hug. For long minutes, the two did not let go. While some accuse the man of taking advantage of his notoriety, the pretty blonde does not want to listen to the rumors.

She lives her love affair with Jalil Lespert without paying attention to rumors. According to Bernard Montiel (Do not touch my post), it seems that the actor even gets along very well with Jade and Joy.

It remains to be seen if Laeticia Hallyday and her darling will manage to cope with the rumors about their relationship. To be continued!