Laeticia Hallyday congratulating another mother’s brother


This Wednesday, January 20, Laeticia Hallyday took to her social networks to celebrate the birthday of one of her relatives!

A few hours ago, Laeticia Hallyday added to her Instagram story to celebrate the birthday of her lifelong friend Pierre Rambaldi.

Laeticia Hallyday’s private life often makes the front page of many tabloids. But the past few years have not been easy for the star.

In 2017, the businesswoman had to deal with the sudden disappearance of her husband Johnny Hallyday. In the turmoil, she also had to fight a legal battle against the elders of the rocker over his will.

Last I heard, the two sides seem to have finally found common ground. For “Paris Match” last year, the widow of Taulier had given up on this subject.

“If we could have sat around a table, with empathy and compassion, I’m sure we could have solved the problem much sooner,” said Jade and Joy’s mom.

But also: “We would have hugged each other and we would have moved forward. Now I hope we will. ” Now, Laeticia Hallyday seems to want to turn the page.

With her two daughters, she divides her life between France and the United States. And when the star wants to breathe away from prying eyes, she escapes with those close to her to St Barts.

This Wednesday, January 20, the businesswoman once again added to her Instagram story. And this time around, she took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of her friend Pierre Rambaldi whose daughter named Tess is very close to Jade!


To do so, Laeticia Hallyday has published countless photos of her with her lifelong friend. And the businesswoman did not forget to slip a little legend.

“It’s your birthday, but I kind of feel like it’s you the gift. Not just for me, but for all the people who are lucky to know and love you “, so can we on the Web.

But also: “You are my rock, my favorite person to eat with, to travel with. You are a true friend (…). You always help me see what I don’t happen. I am so happy you were born. I love you so much “.

To the one Laeticia Hallyday qualifies as “brother”, she also adds: “May this day remind you of your incredible being. May life carry you with love and kindness for today and many years to come “.

There is no doubt that his pretty post must have pleased the main concerned! In good times as in bad times, the star cherishes those close to him who bring him a lot on a daily basis. And obviously, the producer is one of them.


For several months, Laeticia Hallyday seems to be on a little cloud! After separating from Pascal Balland, she quickly found love in the arms of Jalil Lespert.

Complementary and inseparable, lovebirds like to display their happiness on the Web. For “Paris Match”, the director’s sister even made rare confidences about the couple.

“We have never seen him so happy! They love each other like teenagers “, one could read in the columns of the famous magazine. But also: “Laeticia is so kind, warm, and incredibly simple and puts everyone at ease (…) They therefore reassure each other”.

A relationship that’s gone to last. That’s all we can wish them!


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