Laeticia Hallyday completely gaga over her cat Instagram!


Laeticia Hallyday seems to be living very well in confinement. The star is with her new darling and reveals her cat on Instagram.

Laeticia Hallyday has recently been in a relationship with Jalil Lespert. The star is under confinement in France and unveiled her cat on Instagram.

Laeticia Hallyday did not expect to find love again after Johnny’s death. The star had to deal with the death of her husband on December 5, 2017 and found it difficult to mourn. And for good reason, she quickly found herself at the heart of many conflicts.

The mother of Jade and Joy Hallyday had to face Laura Smet as well as David Hallyday because of the will. The latter have been to court several times and no longer speak to each other. Thus, Laeticia was not able to grieve discreetly and lived it very badly.

Yet she is determined to find love again recently. Indeed, after having had a brief history with Pascal Balland, Laeticia Hallyday is now in a relationship with Jalil Lespert. They’ve been together for a few weeks and everything seems to be going well.

In fact, the 45-year-old star finds herself confined to France with her new darling. She chose to go to the Gers and reveals a little about her daily life on Instagram.


Laeticia Hallyday seems to have fallen in love with Jalil Lespert, here echoes. Their romance began this summer over the phone when the man wanted to do a biopic on Johnny. Since then, they have not left each other and the star takes this story very seriously.

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Indeed, Jade’s mother is with Jalil Lespert in the Gers with some friends of hers. She chose not to be alone with her daughters during confinement. The star seems to find a certain balance with her darling and they are very happy.

While Jalil Lespert takes advantage of green spaces to play sports, Laeticia Hallyday stays warm with her cat. In fact, she didn’t hesitate to post a beautiful picture of her “princess” on Instagram. The star showed off her gray cat and the animal poses proudly in the bed.

Thus, everyone seems to have found their place during this confinement. Laeticia does not feel alone surrounded by her friends, her darling and her cat!


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