Laeticia Hallyday: Claude Brasseur’a veda!


Laeticia Hallyday paid a very poignant tribute on Twitter for Claude Brasseur … The actor died yesterday at the age of 84.

Laeticia Hallyday was very moved by the departure of Claude Brasseur at the age of 84! Johnny’s last wife loved this man!

The beautiful blonde has just returned to France! Good news for his fans!

Indeed, the latter thought that Laeticia Hallyday would return to Los Angeles… However, she canceled her tickets!

So, after Saint-Barth ’, the mother of Jade and Joy set sail for Paris! Very cool !

Jalil Lespert will be happy! Indeed, his darling will spend Christmas with him … A real happiness!

They are therefore going to spend New Years Eve in Marnes-la-Coquette with Jade and Joy! Then, Laeticia Hallyday’s eldest daughter will go party in Marrakech with her best friend for the New Year! Awesome !

Either way, Johnny’s last wife has arrived in Paris… Yet, after just a day, she heard terrible news about Claude Brasseur.


On Twitter, Laeticia Hallyday expressed her sorrow over the death of the actor! Indeed, the latter had toured with Johnny!

We can therefore suspect that the beautiful blonde also knew Claude Brasseur… The news must have really made her very sad!

The darling of Jalil Lespert decided to pay tribute to this great man by saying these words: “Goodbye Mr. #ClaudeBrasseur and Thank you, it is a part of our carelessness which is extinguished with you #Nostalgia In paradise …”

Very nice words which testify to the affection that Laeticia Hallyday had for Claude Brasseur!

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As for Nathalie Baye, she also posted a very sad message for the death of the actor. Indeed, the latter remembered the moments spent with him.

Laura Smet’s mother wrote: “Adieu Claude… we shot together, with Johnny, Detective, by Jean Luc Godard… A crazy movie… Claude was sometimes unhappy on this shoot, Godard was rude to him, he was a handsome actor, endearing and secretive. His departure saddens me. “


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