Laeticia Hallyday: Christophe Maé dares Johnny Hallyday!


Christophe Maé and Johnny Hallyday have sung together several times. He regrets certain collaborations with the husband of Laeticia Hallyday.

About ten years ago, Christophe Maé sang on stage with Johnny Hallyday. Alongside Laeticia Hallyday’s husband, he would have gone through hell.

Some artists have always dreamed of singing with the husband of Laeticia Hallyday, the Taulier of rock’n’roll. Others, on the other hand, weren’t content to imagine themselves alongside him.

Indeed, Christophe Maé had the chance to go on stage with the idol of young people. And not just once, by the way! However, the singer would regret this time.

In any case, that’s what he told our colleagues at Midi Libre. The performer of the title He is where happiness would have lived through hell …

“Laeticia and Johnny came to see me at the Zénith in Paris about ten years ago,” he began to recount. Thus, his “album had just taken”.

So at the end of one of his concerts, Laeticia Hallyday’s husband would have approached him. “He grabs me by the neck and says, ‘I’m going on the road, in a little while. ”

Then David’s dad, Laura, Jade and Joy reportedly added, “If that sounds like you, I’ll take you with me and you do my first parts …”


Indeed, the one who shared the life of Laeticia Hallyday for nearly twenty years absolutely wanted to sing with Christophe Maé.

However, Christophe Maé did not take a positive view of this collaboration. Their respective audiences were far from being alike, and enjoying seeing them together.

The singer, however, did not dare to decline. So, the person concerned took the stage with Laeticia Hallyday’s husband. To his utter despair …

“I came in with my little songs, On sattache, etc. Johnny’s audience is there, with Johnny lookalikes in the front row looking at me askance ”

“And now I didn’t have a very good time. It was terrible to live with, ”he concluded. So it’s very simple: He would never want to relive such a concert!


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