Laeticia Hallyday: beautiful expression to your friends!


Laeticia Hallyday took advantage of Valentine’s Day to send a nice statement to Jalil Lespert, as well as to two friends, on Instagram!

Everything is rolling between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert. In any case, that’s what their last Instagram post suggests.

On Sunday February 14, 2021, the couple took advantage of Valentine’s Day to post a video of them on their Instagram pages. This is the very first streak officially shared with their fans since the start of their romance.

In the images, the 44-year-old director holds his sweetheart in his arms, and spins her around. At the time, they were on the terrace of his five-star hotel room, the Carl Gustaf, which offers a breathtaking view of Saint-Barthélemy. The video, accompanied by a romantic song, ends with a tender kiss.

“My Valentine”, commented the widow of Johnny Hallyday. Sonia Rolland’s ex-boyfriend says it is her “best Valentine’s Day”. Wow!

On the side of Laeticia Hallyday like Jalil Lespert, the compliments of the fans are raining in comments. “You are beautiful”, “Happiness is read on your lips”, “Your happiness is heartwarming”, “Magnificent couple”, “I wish you many Valentine’s Day”, “Be happy”, “It’s beautiful love ”,“ You are splendid ”, we can read.

Either way, we wish them to enjoy their last days. Indeed, on February 21, the beautiful Laeticia Hallyday will have to return to Los Angeles to finalize the sale of her villa. And also for his daughters to resume their schooling. Ouch!

Jalil Lespert should be back in Paris. But he may very quickly predict their next reunion. Together for some time, the couple always find a way to reunite despite the distance between them.


Laeticia Hallyday does not consider Valentine’s Day as reserved for lovers. Thus, the young woman of course wanted to declare her love for her darling, but not only.

Indeed, in Story of her Instagram account, the latter to proclaim her love to two of her friends. They respond to the name of Liliane Jossua and Christina Venice.

In the caption of a photo where they strike a pose, Johnny’s widow writes: “I thank God every day for having you in my life. They inspire me and shake my world. I love you” . It’s really cute!

So much so that friends themselves have republished Laeticia’s Story. One thing is certain, it is that Jade and Joy’s mother is well surrounded. And that’s a pleasure to see!

And you, have you taken advantage of Valentine’s Day to remind the people around you that you love them, like Laeticia Hallyday? Otherwise, go for it! It is not too late !


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