Laeticia Hallyday: Back to the “clothing” relationship!


Before her recent story with Jalil Lespert, Laeticia Hallyday lived a sweet romance with Pascal Balland. What about this relationship?

OMG! The fans of Laeticia Hallyday weren’t really expecting it … However, the widow of Taulier quickly changed Jules! Why is she no longer with Pascal Balland?

For some time now, Laeticia Hallyday has been on a cloud! Indeed, Jade and Joy’s mother can enjoy the tenderness of a new lover.

The pretty blonde has started an open relationship with Jalil Lespert. This is an actor who is no longer introduced to you!

Like what, the sentimental life of the widow of Taulier has evolved well. In 2017, she was on the brink after the death of youth idol: Johnny.

Since then, she seems to be progressing little by little, without forgetting of course the man who has always been important to her. Wounded, bruised, she found comfort in the arms of Pascal Balland.

This pizza maker he met while on a business trip capsized his heart. However, it wasn’t the relationship she really deserved.


However, Laeticia Hallyday admitted that she felt capable of loving again. Never mind. What about this short-lived romance?

Since the end of October, the mother of the family has therefore drawn the line on Pascal Balland. An act rather hard to swallow, when you know that their relationship was intense.

Of the two, he was perhaps the one who suffered the most. He could have fled, however, seeing that he was only the “second man” after Johnny, important in the life of the widow.

Laeticia Hallyday herself qualifies this relationship as a “dressing” relationship. Healed from her injuries, so she saw fit to remove the bandage and move on.

Shortly after, Laeticia Hallyday found comfort again. She therefore lives a second youth alongside Jalil Lespert.


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