Laeticia Hallyday: André Boudou takes care of Jalil Lespert!


The story between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert makes the Web crackle. And André Boudou is of the same opinion. He then pampers his son-in-law.

Laeticia Hallyday has a great love affair with Jalil Lespert. Besides, it seems her father is delighted to see his daughter happy. André Boudou then pampers the director.

In recent months, Laeticia Hallyday seems on a cloud. And Jalil Lespert is not for nothing. Indeed, the two lovebirds are more in love than ever. Enough to crack the Web then.

Thus, the couple do not hesitate to share this happiness. On social networks, the two stars share tender clichés. And they don’t go unnoticed. Nothing can escape Internet users.

Indeed, fans of the pretty blonde seem delighted to see her so fulfilled. And for good reason, she has known very hard episodes. Ouch!

After the death of her husband Johnny Hallyday, the pretty mother of Jade and Joy experienced a new disappointment in love.

And for good reason, Laeticia Hallyday then separated from her ex Pascal Balland. So it seems that his love at first sight with Jalil Lespert was stronger than anything.

Now she has a great love affair with the director. And everyone seems delighted to see her so happy. In fact, his father André Boudou loves his gender.

Laeticia Hallyday: her father André Boudou takes care of Jalil Lespert!


The love story between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert is getting really serious. And for good reason, the pretty blonde has finally presented her new darling to her father.

The widow of Taulier had already met the family of the handsome brunette. And everything had gone very well. In fact, her new sister-in-law then said of her: “So kind, warm and incredibly simple. ”

On the Hallyday side, the presentations were made in Saint-Martin. It was very sunny in the afternoon. The perfect combo for everything to go well then.

André Boudou then invited the pretty couple on his Yacht. And yes, family never does things by halves.

Jalil Lespert was very smiling at the time. What reassure his darling Laeticia Hallyday. Phew!

So the couple seemed very relaxed. And yet, this meeting means a lot. The young woman had never introduced a man to her father after Johnny Hallyday.

Moreover, knowing André Boudou, the actor must have been very scared at the time. It is true that his strong personality has often provoked stories within the Hallyday.

And yet, Laeticia Hallyday’s dad immediately accepted his new son-in-law. Even though the two men had already crossed paths, it was during this yacht trip that they were able to exchange for real.

In short, this love story therefore takes a new turn. Laeticia Hallyday must therefore have big plans with her darling. To be continued.


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