Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert are in heaven with Joy!


After a short time apart, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert were finally able to meet in Saint-Barth for a family moment.

Laeticia Hallyday is having a great time with her family in Saint-Barth, with her daughters and Jalil Lespert. This Wednesday, February 17, the young woman shared pictures on her Insta account. And those, in order to benefit her  fans.

For some time, Laeticia Hallyday has been swimming in absolute happiness. After separating from Pascal Balland, Johnny’s widow therefore found love again with Jalil Lespert.

With him, she took a short one-to-one getaway to Rome before spending the second confinement together.

But that’s not all. The couple also visited Saint-Bart last December, for the three years since Johnny Hallyday’s death.

Unlike his ex, Pascal Balland, Laeticia Hallyday’s new darling accompanied him to the tomb of Taulier as well as in many other delicate situations. So real support!

After the end of the year celebrations, the lovers had to go their separate ways. Laeticia Hallyday had to devote herself to the sale of her villa. Oh…

Very quickly, the couple found a solution and then met in Saint-Barth, where they spend very good moments with their family. Phew!

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert in heaven with Joy in Saint-Barth!


A long-awaited reunion, which Laeticia Hallyday did not fail to share on her Insta. Indeed, the couple no longer hesitates to post on social networks.

For February 14, they have also published a video too sweet on their respective accounts. In the images, the 44-year-old director holds his sweetheart in his arms, and spins her around.

At the time, they were on the terrace of his five-star hotel room, the Carl Gustaf, which offers a breathtaking view of Saint-Barthélemy. The video, accompanied by a romantic song, ends with a tender kiss.

“My Valentine”, commented the widow. Sonia Rolland’s ex-boyfriend says it is her “best Valentine’s Day”. Wow!

But rebelote! This Wednesday, February 17, Laeticia Hallyday has therefore shared several videos in Story. The young woman is seen walking with Jalil Lespert, before he joins her to give the camera a smile.

Laeticia’s daughter, Joy, sits behind with her friends. And the least we can say is that she seems happy with this little walk with her mom and her partner.

Of course, Jade’s little sister didn’t hesitate to steal her mother’s cell phone, to make jokes and post selfies on the social network. Very funny !

“My little sun, I love you so much. Joy’s favorite passion is picking up my phone and taking selfies! ”She commented, with a lot of humor. We love !


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