Laeticia Hallyday and Jade “never talk to each other”!


For some time, the links between Laeticia Hallyday and her eldest daughter, Jade, have been broken. They wouldn’t talk to each other anymore!

Laeticia Hallyday and her eldest daughter, Jade, would not speak to each other at all. The 16-year-old couldn’t handle her constant urge to be on social media anymore.

Nothing goes between Laeticia Hallyday and her eldest daughter! Jade hasn’t wanted to talk to her mom for some time.

In any case, that’s what Bernard Montiel reported on the program Touche pas à mon poste. Thus, the columnist explained that they could no longer get along.

“It’s a teenage crisis, I think,” he explained at first. Before adding: “Beyond that, above all, she got along very well with Pascal Balland, Laeticia’s former companion, she got along very well with him.”

So, would Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter blame her for breaking up? Still according to the host, the answer is yes! However, Joy’s older sister would have nothing against Jalil Lespert, her new partner.

“I think Jalil isn’t the problem, because he’s a sweet guy, he’s a great guy, I don’t think the problem is there. In fact, she is at war with her mother, ”he said.

Especially since she has been at war with her mother for a very long time. So why are there tensions between mother and daughter?


It’s quite simple: Jade couldn’t stand her mother’s behavior at all for some time. Laeticia Hallyday lives again, and she doesn’t like it.

“She finds it annoying that her mother spends her days taking pictures of herself on the beach in Saint Barth, that she spends her life communicating,” as Bernard Montiel reports.

“Because Laeticia Hallyday is exposing her life a lot, to remain the star that she may be, to stay close to the fans, I don’t know. But anyway, they don’t talk to each other at all. »Concludes the columnist of TPMP.