Lady Louise Windsor should be doing this dangerous hobby.


Lady Louise Windsor (18) does what she wants? Although the niece of King Charles III. (73 years old) is a member of the British royal family, her parents Prince Edward (58 years old) and Sophie Wessex (57 years old) have always tried to keep their daughter away from prying eyes as much as they could. This allowed Louise to lead a relatively “normal” life with “ordinary” hobbies. For example, she is passionately fond of horses. Does she now pursue an even more dangerous hobby?

Louise must hello! there is also a second passion: fencing. Last year, her mother confirmed that her daughter is engaged in this hobby. When asked by a fencing equipment company, the Queen ( ✝ 96) did not want to comment on her granddaughter’s supposedly dangerous sport. “We have carefully studied your question about whether members of the royal family have ever engaged in fencing at school, but this will be a personal matter that the queen will not comment on,” the message says.

If Lady Louise is really keen on fencing, she could do sports at her new university in St Andrews. According to the college’s website, there is a fencing club there that offers instruction, instruction and support to students. Then an 18-year-old girl could practice her passion three times a week for a total of nine hours!


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