Lady Gaga’s Mother Cynthia Germanotta Recalls Her Daughter’s Youth


Lady Gaga’s mother recalls her daughter’s youth: “she was humiliated, provoked, isolated”. Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother, gave an interview to CBS This Morning to talk about the importance of treating mental health. For this, she recalls how difficult her daughter’s childhood was, being excluded for being different.

“Stefani (Gaga’s baptismal name) was very unique and this was not always appreciated by her colleagues and as a result she went through many difficult times. Humiliated, provoked, isolated. When you are young, this is very severe. affects you, ”she began.

“It was in high school when I saw this turn of events – when she went from being a very happy, aspirational young woman to someone who began to question her self-esteem, to self-doubt, was when we really saw that everything changed,” she recalls.

In the show, she admits that she thinks she is not prepared to talk to her daughter about mental health. “I believe that we, as individuals and society, do not treat [mental health] the same way we treat physical health. So surely when it happened in our house, I didn’t know what to do. As a mother, I was not prepared to really solve this, ”she said, warning other mothers not to.

With her daughter’s reputation, Cynthia helped set up the Born This Way Foundation and now has a better understanding of mental health issues and how they affect people around the world.

“What I didn’t realize is the profound impact it can have. It basically focuses on everything an individual and their families feel conflicted with, they really don’t understand, it causes conflict and a lot of stress on families. It can also cause feelings, for me personally, feelings of guilt, helplessness – not knowing how to help my daughter. So what I really learned is that no family is immune to this and we should all learn about the attitudes and who we would turn to if something like this happened in our families, ”she adds.

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