Lady Gaga supports Donald Trump


It seems that Lady Gaga does not have the support of her father, as the man spoke in favor of Donald Trump.

In the same week that Donald Trump lashed out at Lady Gaga online, the pop star’s father came out in support of the US president.

When the country went to the polls on Tuesday, November 3, Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, made his political leanings clear.

He tweeted “@realDonaldTrump 2020.” And in another post, he wrote “He may have noticed that my political and spiritual beliefs are different. Freedom and freedom of choice would not be political.”

According to the information we have in Somagnews, Germanotta’s views are opposite to those of his famous daughter, who campaigned for the Democratic challenger at a rally in Pennsylvania on Monday and proudly displayed her Biden badge. -Harris. Earlier in the week, Trump targeted “anti-fracking activist” Gaga and her preferred pick for the presidency.

Lady Gaga Response

Gaga’s response was anything but heated.

“I LOVE THIS STATE. I’m here now! This place is full of good-hearted people, good-hearted people who love @JoeBiden. He is a good friend. He is the president this country needs to get back together,” she wrote she.

Despite the efforts of Lady Gaga and others, the presidential race still has another stretch to go.

With millions of mail-in votes yet to be counted, no clear winner had emerged in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from prematurely declaring victory and casting doubt on the vote-counting efforts as a “fraud.”

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