Lady Gaga shares photo climbing on her Instagram


Her followers adore her, but worry that she will suffer another incident on her hip, Lady Gaga goes to the extreme with this intrepid photo

If we know something perfectly about Lady Gaga, it is that she is one of the most extreme, intrepid and courageous women in show business, as she has always shown her fiercest side, with the activities she likes to do.

From wearing the most original outfits, mega platform heels, extravagant makeup and hairstyles and now, extreme sports, Lady Gaga lets us see that the famous songwriter is not afraid of anything at all.

On this occasion, the successful singer shared from her official profile on Instagram, a photograph taken from the heights of a rocky mountain, while she gladly climbs it, clearly wearing all the necessary safety equipment, lets us see once more than her things My favorites in life are those that carry a lot of adrenaline and strong emotions.

Well, we know that “climbing” is a sports practice that, in its classic modality, consists of climbing or traversing rock walls, steep slopes or other natural reliefs characterized by their verticality, employing almost all recoverable insurance means and the possibility in its progression of using artificial means.

It also consists of a sport modality that consists of climbing or going through walls equipped with routes equipped with insurance fixed to the wall to guarantee the safety of the climber, such as those that we can see in Gaga’s photograph, its main peculiarity is that climbing It is done only using the natural relief of the rock to progress, without the athlete stopping or falling.

Sport climbing seeks the maximum difficulty of movements so it requires, on the part of the climber, an intense previous preparation, so with certainty we can assume that the famous one had already done this before and knows perfectly the terrain and what she has to do to safeguard its integrity.

Since, on the natural terrain, some routes are opened that mark the path of the ascent, to open a path the opener walks the path for the first time, preparing it with special products and securing it, and, once this work is finished, the climber has to overcome it in Rot Punkt, then the road is “chained” and the athlete assigns a level of difficulty.

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In climbing, the difficulty of a route is marked by the combination of several factors: the inclination of the wall, the size and shape of the grips, the distance between them, the resting points and the total number of movements.

Using a description of only two emojis, Gaga demonstrated her love for mountaineering by placing the muscular arm emoji in the company of a large red heart, something that caused fans of the actress to be shocked, but also worry.

Although the publication already has almost two million likes, and a large number of comments flattering the famous and emphasizing how excited her fans are, seeing that she is happy, there was no lack of comments of concerns from the themselves.

And it is necessary to remember that a few years ago, around 2013, our beloved Lady Gaga suffered an accident that caused a powerful injury to her hip, specifically: a tear, a common pathology for those who perform a lot of physical activity.

This incident caused the singer to have to cancel the world tour of her “Born This Way Ball” tour, which she was doing, as she needed almost a year of total rest to repair the damage caused by her injury.

“My injury was actually much worse than a tear. I had broken my hip, I had a hole in my hip the size of a coin, and the cartilage was hanging down the other side. I had a big tear,” commented at the time the talented.

However, everything has been improving for Lady Gaga because, at present, she is fully recovered, as she was forced to go to the best specialists and therapists to help her recover and continue with her successful musical career.


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