“I have a Lady Gaga music folder with things that were never released,” says Akon


Imagine listening to unreleased songs by Lady Gaga – several recordings of her early career! Akon has this power. The singer revealed to the Sun newspaper that he still keeps much of the material he recorded with Gaga there for 2007 and 2008. “I have a Lady Gaga music folder with things that have never been released. I think they will be redone, but they will be heard. It all depends on how she feels because she’s the boss, ”he said.

Akon helped Lady Gaga early in her career. When Def Jam’s record company canceled her contract, Akon was instrumental in getting the singer a new contract with Interscope Records in 2007. From then on, her story began. “Just Dance”, the first single, came out in April 2008. “She was one of those artists who could already see the future. She studied for it. She played the piano very well, she was already singing well, she was already a good actress, a great entertainer, ”Akon said in a recent interview with POPline,“ we all knew she would make it to the big screen. Just like in the movie ‘A Star Is Born’, we knew it. She’s one of those special people who comes in sometimes, ”

Over time, Gaga and Akon moved away and no longer worked together. He, however, notes his willingness to re-collaborate with the pop star – now much bigger than he is. “In the future? 100% Definitely! Let’s do a lot more together, ”he told The Sun.

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