Lady Gaga mobilizes against coronavirus on her birthday


Lady Gaga mobilizes against coronavirus on her birthday. This Saturday, March 28, Lady Gaga celebrated her 34th birthday. But rather than celebrating her birthday, she preferred to mobilize against the Covid-19.

For her 34th birthday, Lady Gaga prefers to mobilize alongside the WHO to help the thousands of victims of covid-19 around the world rather than celebrating it.

Celebrate your birthday when thousands of people are between life and death because of the Covid-19? It is out of the question ! Lady Gaga refuses to be selfish! And she proves it!

Heart on hand, the 34-year-old artist does not want to celebrate this special day . She has a lot better to do! Like helping all victims with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Indeed, the interpreter of “Stupide Love” regularly engages with this organization. But this time, it’s to “find ways to support everyone” .

So Lady Gaga and the Director General of the World Health Organization have long telephoned to discuss. After this call, the latter thanked the singer for “her kindness and compassion. ”

Besides, Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wants to tell the world ! So the doctor takes the time to post a message on Twitter about the singer.

So the doctor sends a message to Lady Gaga. “A very good call with @ladygaga. I thanked her for her continued efforts to be compassionate and kind to the world. ”

According to him, the artist does not hesitate a single second when it is necessary to help the victims ! “She is ready to support @WHO in any way possible in the fight against # COVID19. Together, ”he says.

Besides, the latter takes the opportunity to talk about this special day! “And happy birthday @ladygaga! I am so touched that you are spending this time finding ways to support the world during # COVID19. ”

” I send you my best wishes ! Thank you for showing kindness at such an important time for all of us , ” concludes Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus . His tweet gets 10k likes!

Besides, fans of the young woman do not seem surprised by her gesture. On the contrary! Thus, they thank Lady Gaga for her generosity in the comments. They love it!


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