Lady Gaga: “I didn’t want to be myself”


The singer Lady Gaga has had no qualms about taking advantage of the pages of People magazine to vent about that stage of her existence, when she had already achieved the worldwide fame and prestige that she enjoys in the music scene, in which she was deeply “depressed “,” Sad “and to some extent ashamed that she had to create an alter ego to escape her own personal demons.

“I used to get up in the morning and remember again that I had become Lady Gaga, a different person. And then I felt depressed and sad, like I didn’t want to be myself. I also felt threatened by all those things that my musical career had brought to my life, such as the change of rhythm, “the pop star revealed in her interview with the publication.

“I spent a lot of time in a kind of catatonic state, during which I didn’t want to do anything at all. But finally and little by little, I began to compose more music and to tell the story of my life through my new album ”, she concluded on the very positive outcome of her particular path of professional and emotional improvement.


Just a week ago, the New York artist wanted to take stock of another even more traumatic episode from her past, the rape she suffered when she was only a teenager, as well as the support she gave her and the strength that her paternal grandmother, Angelina Calderone gave her. Germanotta, so that he could turn his life and his mentality upside down.

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