Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK Sour Candy, their long-awaited collaboration


Lady Gaga is preparing for the release of her album Chromatica and, to lighten the wait for her fans, she has already released the singles Stupid Love, Rain On Me and now, she released her collaboration with the BLACKPINK girls in the song Sour Candy .

The interpretation of the song begins with Jennie, who followed by Lisa, interprets some verses in English. Rosé and Jisoo continue to add the Korean part prepared for Sour Candy and give an incredible introduction to the melody.

They sing their corresponding part individually and, later, Lady Gaga joins after the first minute of the song. The lyrics of Sour Candy presents a metaphor to explain a girl’s personality, arguing that the first glance could give you a wrong perception but time will reveal what is actually inside her.

Also, Sour Candy describes that people shouldn’t expect someone to keep the same mood all the time, while this girl can be sweet, she also has times when her anger can be stronger, but it is all part of the experience of knowing her, so the song invites to discover who she really is.

Listen to the full Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK collaboration below:

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