Does Lady Gaga belong to a cult? This is the truth


The theory circulates on social networks that the singer is involved in paranormal rituals.

After talking about the Hollywood Theory for success, new rumors about abnormal celeb activities circulate on social media.

Recently , Lady Gaga organized a great concert where many important music stars participated in order to cheer people around the world and pay tribute to the health heroes who fight the pandemic; However, there are detractors who believe that the singer is related to dark cults. We tell you what it is about.

It all started with the Twitter thread made by the user @TommyG , in his profile there is an alleged explanation of how Lady Gaga belongs to an anti-religious cult . Tommy posted endless “proofs” of Gaga’s career , linking her music videos and even her record label logo to Illuminati symbols .

The user also shared some videos that prove that Gaga is related to sacrifices and the so-called MK Ultra or mind control. The user also assured that the singer’s success is due to the manipulation she has exercised in people, as proof, she put a photo of Gaga’s IGwhere he appears personified as a robot, something very obvious to him.

However, someone decided to deny his conspiracy theory against the celeb. Gaga could not have a better lawyer: the anti-religious church decided to answer Tommy, assuring that they did not want to ridicule him for his explanation full of alleged evidence, but they clarified that nothing of the aforementioned against Gaga was considered a devilish cult.

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Until now, the singer has not stated anything about it, she was focused on her One World: Together at home concert. What do you think? User Tommy said Gaga boosted her career after undergoing abnormal acts.


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