Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande reveal preview of Rain On Me …


After a long wait, Lady Gaga’s album under the name Chromatica will be available in a few days, but before that, the singer will reveal one of the singles that she has prepared for this record material, for which she has chosen her song. with Ariana Grande.

Lady Gaga previously shared a poster that shows them both with the image they will use for the launch of Rain On Me, but these stars have surprised with new teasers for this upcoming premiere.

Although Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga posted the same photograph, each one gave her a touch of her style before sharing it, so we can see that the hue in both cases is different, as well as the orientation of this image.

In addition, each one added a brief description to their respective posts, which is probably a small fragment of the lyrics for this song.

Rain On Me will be available starting this Friday, May 22, anticipating the Chromatica album that will be released at the end of the month, so the time to listen to the voices of these great artists together is almost now.

Lady Gaga also released some details of their collaboration with the BLACKPINK girls, which will be named Sour Candy.


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