Lady Gaga 34 years old: our top 5 of her most mind-blowing looks!


As Lady Gaga turns 34 on Saturday March 28.

We do not present her anymore ! Lady Gaga is one of the biggest American stars. First, for his wonderful voice. But above all, for his fashion sense!

Indeed, the artist does everything to stand out. Whether for a new clip or an event, the 34-year-old woman always finds sensational looks.

And the month that can be said is that she can easily ascend to the throne as a fashion icon. Besides, she has proven it many times!

When it comes to dressing, the American pop star is full of imagination! But sometimes his looks, although impressive, are not always unanimous.

Thus, Lady Gaga, Stefani Joanne Germanotta of her real name, often wears breathtaking outfits. The reason ? No one can don the same XXL platform ankle boots as she does.

Even if Lady Gaga appears very natural in the film Star Is Born, this has not always been the case during her career. She loves to reveal very extravagant looks.

As in 2010 at the MTV Awards, the young woman steps onto the red carpet … dressed in a dress of meat. In reality, the artist wanted to send a real message with this outfit.

And the least we can say is that this dress has gone down in history! But it is not the only one ! Indeed, her bright pink dress, signed Brandon Maxwell, set fire to the Met Gala.

Besides, Lady Gaga wanted to accompany her XXL dress with a huge bow tie on her head! Other looks are just as impressive! Like her total red look in 2011.

Indeed, Bradley Cooper’s friend was walking the streets of New York with big butterfly glasses and shoes with platforms as high as stilts!

Her fourth look? When the pop star wore black sequined pants, a transparent black lace top and… a giant peacock feather headdress!

And of course, her total look in black leather during her stay in New York in June 2019. True to the character, the young woman wore a bra, a flared skirt and XXL heels with the attitude that goes with it!


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