Ladies’ Code’s Sojung: “After The Accident, I No Longer Consider The Date As My Birthday”


On Sojung’s birthday in 2014, a car accident occurred that killed members EunB and RiSe. On September 3, 2014, Ladie’s Code starred in one of the saddest episodes for K-pop fans: early that day, a car accident killed members EunB and RiSe.

The girl band had been celebrating Sojung’s 22nd birthday as they returned from completing their artistic schedule moments before the event. Unfortunately, heavy rains caused the van they were traveling in to crash into a retaining wall on the Yeongdong Expressway heading to Incheon.

As a result, rapper EunB died at the scene and four days later vocalist Rise passed away in hospital. Five other people, including Sojung, were seriously injured.

Seven years later, with the fateful anniversary of the famous Koreans and Lee So Jung’s new birthday getting closer and closer, the idol confessed on a recent edition of Channel A’s Eye Contact, in which the now-trio Ladies’ Code was featured. , that since that fatal accident the date ceased to be a celebration for her.

“After the car accident on September 3, I no longer consider that date as my birthday. That day my colleagues organized a birthday party for me in the car. And then we fell asleep. That’s where my memory ends,” she explained.

As she shared, on a central day he visits the graves of the deceased members in the mornings. After that, she does not celebrate her birthday because she does not feel well.

In this regard, her Ladies’ Code colleagues, Ashley and Zunny, stated that they wanted her to celebrate what should be her special date. However, Sojung mentions that she is not ready for it yet.

She replied, “I want to be honest, so I didn’t mean to lie. I don’t think I can fully accept it yet. “


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