Lacey Chabert from Hallmark turned 40, and she celebrated it with sweet photos of the return


The past year was also notable for Lacey Schabert, because when the Hallmark stars left for GAF, the “Mean Girls” veteran signed a new contract to stay on the network. And she worked hard on films that were shot in different places. Chabert was filming in Hawaii for Groundswell, and her photos were enough to cause envy. In addition, even before the premiere of this film, Chabert was already imbued with a Christmas mood during the filming of her next holiday film.

However, in between work, the actress publishes a retrospective photo, and the picture is usually family-oriented. Earlier this year, her retrospective was included in the film in which she starred. For Hallmark’s “Wedding Veil,” she was able to use a photo of her grandparents in her heroine’s living room, which added authenticity to the process.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get even more photos from the past in another film that Lacey Chabert is shooting, especially considering how many of them she just happened to have at her disposal. And if not, I will agree to see them in posts like this one dedicated to the birthday.

I wish the star a happy and healthy 40th birthday on this planet, and I will be watching what she is going to show on the Hallmark channel. Christmas season is coming soon, so it won’t be long before loyal viewers will see her in a brand new movie.


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