Lacey Chabert and Boozy promoted the new film “Groundswell”, but another of her main characters got a funny answer


In recent years, Lacey Chabert has shone at Hallmark. She is one of the leading women who stand it with the network and sign an exclusive deal, and this is also good, since she has started promoting projects such as the story of the three films “The Wedding Veil” and other projects. This is followed by her summer film in Hawaii “Groundswell”, the details of which we have learned in recent months. Chabert promoted the film a lot — of course, she should, Groundswell looks beautiful. However, one of her Hallmark leading men doesn’t want you to forget about one of her other popular films. Hint: Christmas is connected…

In a new summer post, Chabert said that the premiere of the film “Groundswell” will take place on August 21, and that she had a great time working with her partner in the film, Hallmark lead actor Hector Rivera.

Of course, Hector is also excited about working with Lacey Chabert, and he said this in the comments, noting that “it was a real pleasure” to work with the star and a completely related mom 1. He also said that “the list is endless” when the pros are that she is on set with an actress who is also a producer of the film. However, this is another comment that will really highlight Hallmark fans.

In fact, if you scroll down a bit, you might just notice Will Kemp’s naughty comment. Kemp has starred in several recent Hallmark films with Lacey Chabert, “Love, Romance and Chocolate” and, of course, “The Christmas Waltz.” He sent some excited emojis and then added a funny “p.s.” intended for his former co-star in the film.

Ps. Does he know how to waltz?

Nothing beats a little friendly teasing from one Hallmark leader to another. Hector Rivera may surf in Groundswell, but he actually showed up and became a finalist for the Univision version of Dancing with the Stars, Queen Bile’s World, so presumably he can dance too, Mr. Kemp. The actor is a man of many talents, he is both a musical theater actor and an artist.

However, “The Christmas Waltz” is also notable in the sea of countless Hallmark Christmas movies. It was Lacey Chabert’s big romantic holiday movie in 2020, and it came at a time when Hallmark was very popular, partly because of the opportunity to return to filming in the Covid era ahead of many other major Hollywood projects. It also turned out to be well-assembled and has continued to air on Hallmark’s Christmas movie schedule ever since.

In fact, there was a movement online to continue the film, and Kemp was a supporter of this possibility, having previously retweeted a post for fans about “how to do it.” Thus, reminding fans of his charming Hallmark movie with Savory may have small ulterior motives (in a good way!).

We know that Kemp is expected to return to the Hallmark Christmas circuit this year, but in his announced project he will not play alongside the “Mean Girls” star. Kemp is going to spend Christmas in London with Reshma Shetty. As for the Savory, we will soon learn more about what awaits us this festive season.


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