La Leticia Hallyday: Laura Smet is nostalgic to her father!


If Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday no longer want to talk to each other, the fact remains that they still share things like their sadness …

Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday agreed today. They both uploaded pictures with Johnny.

For two years, the Taulier’s daughter and last wife waged a merciless war over inheritance. A sacred affair which fascinated the whole of France.

However, this quarrel ended not long ago. Indeed, the two women have reached an agreement and now, each is trying to mourn.

And what better than a new being in his life to rebuild himself? Laura Smet gave birth to a little Leo last September.

Great news and a new life she would have liked to share with Johnny! Indeed, she misses her father a lot and seeing him as a grandfather would have filled her with joy.

As for Laeticia Hallyday, it is difficult to bring men into her life. Yet Jalil Lespert has achieved this feat.


On Instagram this morning, Laeticia Hallyday relayed a snapshot of her united family. You can see how much she misses her husband …

And it’s not just her that Johnny misses … Indeed, Laura Smet, too, shared a very touching photo on her Instagram earlier this afternoon.

We can therefore see the pretty blonde a little younger posing with her father. The photo is really beautiful as well as its caption!

Touched by the cliché, Laura Smet fans have therefore commented on the post en masse. So we can read: “Laura, I wish you lots of happiness and love in your life. Or “He would be so proud to see you mom.” “

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