La Leticia Hallyday is so nostalgic for Johnny Hallyday!


This morning, Laeticia Hallyday was taken by a stroke of the blues … A fan made a montage of his family when Johnny was still alive …

Laeticia Hallyday relayed a montage of her and her little family still united before Johnny’s death …

For a few weeks, the beautiful blonde has been living a fairy tale with her new love. Indeed, she and Jalil Lespert seem very much in love!

Thus, they formalized with their families! A great first for Laeticia Hallyday who had never introduced anyone other than Johnny to her father.

This proof of love must therefore have moved the actor who never lets go of his beauty. Indeed, he even invited her for a romantic weekend in Rome!

There, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil took the opportunity to seal their love on their body! They made a joint tattoo …

We could therefore read on Paris Match that they had entered their initials! An act that proves how strong this relationship is!


The beautiful blonde may have found love again. She is still very sad in her life with Johnny!

It is this memory that doomed her relationship with Pascal Balland to failure … Indeed, she had confided on Sept à Huit that with the ghost of Taulier, they often made “a couple of three”.

If Laeticia Hallyday had praised the courage of her ex-darling, the latter could not bear having to share her beauty with him … So, they chose separation as a remedy for the problem …

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So we hope that with Jalil the same thing will not happen… That would be a shame!

Regardless, Laeticia Hallyday does not hesitate to share photos of her life from before. Indeed, this morning, she relayed a fan montage about her united family with Johnny!

A pretty creation that must have touched her deep in her heart! We leave the assembly above to you!


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