La Leticia Hallyday celebrating her daughter Joy’s BFF!


Laeticia Hallyday is very close to her daughters, Jade and Joy. Thus, she celebrated the birthday of the best friend of her little girl.

Laeticia Hallyday always shows herself very close with her daughters. She knows their friends very well and didn’t hesitate to leave a lovely message for Joy’s best friend.

Laeticia Hallyday had a beautiful and long love story with Johnny Hallyday. They had chosen to adopt several years ago and had Jade and Joy Hallyday. The two daughters have become their mother’s pillar.

The star had to deal with Johnny’s passing and couldn’t grieve properly. Very quickly, the legacy of the rocker caused big conflicts between her and Laura Smet as well as David Hallyday.

Since then, the family has been torn apart and Laeticia Hallyday tries to distance itself. Nevertheless, she can always count on the support of her two teenagers. In fact, the latter are in great shape and live peacefully in Los Angeles with their mother.

Jade and Joy seem fulfilled and lack nothing in the United States. In addition, Joy has a best friend, Romy, with whom she adores spending all these days. Then, Laeticia knows her very well and adores her very much.


Laeticia Hallyday is very happy to live in Los Angeles with her two daughters. Joy and Jade have made many friends and are surrounded by good people. Nevertheless, like a real mother hen, Johnny’s widow seems to know all their girlfriends.

Thus, this Tuesday, November 10, Joy Hallyday celebrated the 14th birthday of her best friend, Romy. The two teens often flirt with each other and are inseparable. Moreover, Laeticia knows her very well and considers her a member of her family.

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“Happy birthday Romy! We love you and we adore you. Thank you for being Joy’s soul mate. You two together is something that I really love. I love you, “she wrote on Instagram.

Thus, Romy seems very close to the whole family of Laeticia Hallyday. We suspect that Joy’s best friend is going to have a very nice birthday!


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