La Leticia Hallyday celebrates Dimitri Coste!


Today is the birthday of a friend of Laetitia Hallyday! This is Dimitri Coste to whom she sent a beautiful message!

Very friend with her photographer, Laetitia Hallyday did not hesitate to wish her her birthday on Instagram! Something to please Dimitri Coste.

Johnny Hallyday’s last wife is talking about her right now! Indeed, her life fascinates everyone …

Thus, her love affair somewhat eclipses the promotion of the taulier’s new box set released on October 23 … Ouch!

Indeed, we learned of her break with Pascal Balland and in the wake of her relationship with Jalil Lespert! Hard to follow with Laetitia Hallyday!

In any case, with the latter everything suggests that it will last! Lovers never let go of a sole! Too cute !

However, even if Laetitia Hallyday spins the perfect love, she does not forget her friends including Dimitri Coste. So she wished the photographer’s birthday on Instagram!


If there is one who has always supported Laetitia Hallyday, it is Dimitri Coste. Discreet but present, the photographer succeeded in a short time to be part of the intimate circle of Hallyday!

The latter even made the posthumous album cover “Johnny Hallyday: My country is love”. What talent !

However, Dimitri Coste never took part in the inheritance disputes. He was content to be there for the mourning of Laetitia Hallyday without adding anything!

Jalil Lespert’s sweetheart therefore considers him to be one of her close friends. So, for her birthday, she sent him a loving message!

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We could therefore read in the Instagram story: “Happy birthday to my adorable, optimistic and moving person who is my dear friend … I am happy to have you on my way, you have put a lot of light in our lives. We love you endlessly! “


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