La Casa de Papel’s Season 4 New Trailer Released


The series, watched all over the world, remained short to the 4th season of La Casa de Papel. Netflix has released a new trailer of the 4th season of the series, which has a large fan base.

La Casa de Papel, Turkey’s first two seasons, which contains watched with interest by millions of people in many countries. After the second season of the series, the shooting of new seasons began with the pressure of the fans.

The third season of the series, which was broadcast on Netflix last year, was met with great interest like the first two seasons. According to the statistics announced by Netflix, La Casa de Papel’s third season was 44 million views only in non-English speaking countries. After the third season with great interest, the fourth season of the series will be published in the coming days. Netflix has now released the new trailer of season 4.

In the 4th season of the series, we will continue to see Professor, Denver, Tokio, Rio, Raquel Murillo and Estocolmo. Although the series is seen to have died in previous seasons, we will watch the Berlin character for a while. Alba Flores, who played Nairobi shot in the last season, will continue to be in the series in the fourth season.

The new season of La Casa de Papel, where Professor will lose control and Raquel will have a chance to return to her old life, will be released on April 3. You can watch the last trailer of the 4th season below.

La Casa de Papel Season 4 trailer


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