La Casa de Papel: What we suspected about the friendship of these 2 protagonists


For those who followed the history of La Casa de Papel from its beginnings, they know that all its characters have an interesting past that forged their personalities. What they did not suspect is that some friendships such as that of two of its protagonists, Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente, grew within the plot, but outside the set, they consolidated.

Turned into a cult series since it debuted in 2017 until it ended in December 2021, La Casa de Papel was positioned for several years as the most watched series on Netflix. The production by Álex Pina conquered the public’s taste with the story of The Professor and his gang of intrepid thieves who perpetrated the shocking robbery of the Spanish National Currency Factory and later carried out a millionaire robbery of the Bank of Spain.

During the 5 seasons of La Casa de Papel we met several characters, two of whom stand out among the favorites of the fans: Río (Miguel Herrán) and Denver (Jaime Lorente). Its two interpreters, one from Murcia (Lorente) and the other from Málaga (Herrán), shared a set and enjoyed the experience with explosives and action scenes with long weapons. Nothing to do with what they had experienced during the time they were together in another Netflix series, Elite; where for 2 seasons they also stepped on the same set. How could they not become best friends?

With different paths leading up to acting, each of them has held onto family and true friends as the best antidote to the fame they never thought they would have. Their family values ​​are very strong, while Herrán idolizes his mother, Lorente returns home whenever he can to spend time with his niece. Both agree on the taste for the sports they are passionate about, soccer, motorcycles and more.

After the resounding success of the final season of La Casa de Papel, these friends each published on their social networks that they already exceed 14 million followers on Instagram, saying goodbye to their characters. So it is assumed that a season 6 is ruled out for a new story of The Professor’s gang.

However, the journey is long for this pair of talents who have decided to continue with a great friendship relationship that went beyond the screens and that we always suspected would be consolidated day by day, sharing important moments in life, such as the birth of the son of Jaime Lorente, where he was with Miguel Herrán and on other simpler occasions in real life.