La Casa de Papel: Top 3 Unfinished Stories in the Series!


La Casa de Papel does a lot of talking. Fans can’t wait to see Season 5. In the meantime, a top 3 unfinished story is made.

La Casa de Papel continues to shake the web. The fans try to guess the continuation of the scenario. In fact, a top 3 unfinished stories has been established.

Since the release of La Casa de Papel, Netflix has met with great success. It must be said that the series is really a hit. What to impress the greatest of the cinema then.

Thus, viewers quickly become addicted to the series. Between a tailor-made screenplay and a talented cast, La Casa de Papel has it all. Eh yes !

In fact, fans of the series can’t wait to see the rest of this great adventure. So, season 5 is long overdue. And for good reason, Internet users are making their impatience known. Not surprising !

On the Web the assumptions therefore fuse. It must be said that the last scene of season 4 has held viewers in suspense for many months.

And yes, the professor seemed unmasked then. But how is he going to get by? Fans of La Casa de Papel don’t hesitate to come up with theories.

To imagine scenarios, they therefore seem very inspired. In fact, they seem very frustrated when certain questions cannot be answered. Thus a top 3 unfinished stories is established.

La Casa de Papel: Top 3 Unfinished Stories in the Series!


La Casa de Papel fans are very active on the Web. They do not hesitate to give their opinion. And sometimes these can get frustrated.

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And for good reason, some stories in the series stopped too quickly. Others have a taste of incomplete. Thus, a top 3 of unfinished stories is therefore proposed.

In third position, we find Alison Parker. Indeed, this character was central in season 1 of La Casa de Papel. And yet, it was quickly forgotten. So fans of the series seemed disappointed not to see her again.

The second position concerns a great love story. This is of course the love story of Tokyo and Rio. The two actors have completely cracked the Web. We have to admit that they are very sexy.

And yet, many aspects of this relationship remain hidden. Moreover, although viewers know there is a big difference in age between the two heroes, they do not feel this difference. So, they would like to have more details.

In third position, we find Berlin and Ariadna. And for good reason, the character of Pedro Alonso was perceived as the big bad. So fans loved to hate him.

And yet his dark side has been taken to extremes with his behavior towards Ariadna. His death therefore leaves viewers unsatisfied.

And for you, what is the most unfinished scene in La Casa de Papel?


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