La Casa de Papel: the release date pushed back to 2021?


La Casa de Papel season 5 is eagerly awaited by fans. And yet, it looks like the release date is still postponed.

Fans of La Casa de Papel can not wait to discover season 5. The release of this final part could still be delayed.

The last scene of season 4 of La Casa de Papel holds fans in suspense. Indeed, for many months viewers have imagined the outcome of the story.

Moreover, on the Web the assumptions are fuse. So last I heard, the professor got stuck. Ouch!

So, La Casa de Papel fans are trying to figure out how the robbery pro might get away with it. Not easy !

The actors of the series let leak some clues. Yes, nothing escapes their fans. So on Instagram, it’s the hunt for news.

The season of La Casa de Papel seems rich in twists and turns. And for good reason, it will be the last of the series. What to make the fans very nostalgic then.

Netflix is ​​preparing lots of surprises. A new character will land in history. In addition, a rumor circulates about the return in flesh and blood of Berlin. Not bad !

Angel could play a big role too. Following a publication, the rumor announces that the policeman will change sides. Thus, he would therefore side with the robbers.

To know if all these rumors are real, we will have to wait for the release. But the broadcast of La Casa de Papel season 5 still seems shifted.


The continuation of La Casa de Papel is at the heart of all discussions on the Web. So fans can’t wait to continue having great moments with the characters in season 5.

But the Covid-19 decided otherwise. And yes, the health context is once again shaking things up. Ouch!

The release date of season 5 is therefore a question that seeks its answer. Fans of La Casa de Papel then try to find this scoop.

And the latter may be disappointed because the production has decided to postpone the release of the final game. Originally, La Casa de Papel season 5 was scheduled to air next March. But beware, no official announcement has been made.

But rumors continue to escalate. Thus, a release in August 2021 is imagined. The fans will therefore not be able to have a certain answer for the moment.

Until the exact date is known, fans of La Casa de Papel continue to imagine the rest of the story.

Do not panic, the filming being finished the series should quickly land. Thus, La Casa de Papel viewers will finally have the answers to their questions. To be continued.


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