La Casa de Papel: That Huge Error About Angel Infiltration!


Fans of La Casa de Papel have just found a new inconsistency in the series. This is the infiltration of Angel Rubio.

The fans are paying attention. They don’t let anything go. Some have just noticed a new inconsistency in the series La Casa de Papel. The Netflix event series. And this is about when Angel goes undercover. We tell you more.

For now, fans have to wait a bit before enjoying the last part. We remind you, this part will be the very last of the series. Afterwards, the story will be over. So on Reddit, fans start a discussion group.

The goal ? Talk about La Casa de Papel and its script errors. And so this is where a surfer says he saw an error in the part where Angel, the sub-inspector infiltrates as a nurse in the Mint Factory. It goes back a bit.

Indeed, one wonders how the robbers could not recognize it. We remember in the scene that Berlin mistreats him a bit. He feels that this nurse is strange because he asks him to sew up the injured person. And this one feels very bad.


So maybe they already knew? As the user points out, the portrait of Angel Rubio was on the walls of the house in Toledo. During the time they were training. So they had already seen his face. So, a script error in La Casa de Papel?

It therefore seems unlikely that it was the Professor who informed Berlin that a police officer had infiltrated. Everyone should have recognized him as soon as he arrived. Similarly Sergio says he recognized him “after seeing him in the tent when he went to look for Raquel.”

Which is therefore not possible. But hey, script errors even happen in La Casa de Papel. Everything cannot be perfect! It is hoped that these mistakes will not recur in the latter part of the series. Case to be continued.


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