La Casa de Papel: season 5 will be the last!


It’s been several months since La Casa de Papel fans saw season 4. Everyone is eager to see season 5 but this season will mark the end of the series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few months ago, Netflix aired season 4 of La Casa de Papel. Thus, the fans were able to find the Professor, Rio, Tokyo and the other robbers for new adventures.

During the season, the young men robbed the Bank of Spain in order to free Rio. Nevertheless, they encountered many unforeseen events and fans had to contend with the death of a key figure.

Indeed, in season 4, fans found Nairobi between life and death. She was shot by Sierra and Tokyo managed to operate on her. Nevertheless, the showrunners were rather cruel since Gandia ended up killing her.

The fans of La Casa de Papel were all shocked by this death. The robbers managed to get out of the bank, but the trouble is far from over.


Netflix has already renewed La Casa de Papel for a season 5. The fans hope that this season will give all the answers to their questions. Indeed, Sierra could well be the woman from Berlin. In fact, other fans believe the character is still alive.

Thus, the Spanish series is still very mysterious and the story is far from over. Netflix plans to release the new episodes very soon, but fans may be sad.

And for good reason, season 5 of La Casa de Papel will mark the end of the series. Thus, it will be time to find out if the Professor and the other characters will have a happy ending. We suspect that they will have a hard time hiding their identity with the new heist …

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Finally, at this time, Netflix has not announced a release date. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before finding the robbers.


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